Greetings from the president

During Japan’s Edo period (1603 – 1867), the Tokugawa shogunate held direct control over the San’yō-dō (i.e., the Saigoku-kaidō), an important medieval highway running from the westernmost tip of Honshū up to Kyoto. This road system was frequently used by daimyō on their pilgrimage to Edo (now Tokyo), to fulfill their mandatory alternate-year residence in the capital. As the 18th rest stop for the daimyō on their journey, Yakage enjoyed a great deal of economic prosperity during this time as a “post town.” Even to this day, Yakage is nationally recognized for its historical buildings harkening back to its important role in Japan’s past.The YAKAGEYA main building and YAKAGEYA hot spa facility were remodeled from traditional Japanese houses, carrying on Yakage’s rich culture and historical significance.We hope you enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the surrounding woodlands, dishes made from local seasonal ingredients, and the traditional cultural experience Yakage has to offer.Although we have only recently opened, we are working hard to satisfy visitors from all over the world. We hope after your time with us, you will come to think of Yakage as “your new hometown.”
Thank you for your continuous support.