YAKAGEYA information


Come with your loved ones, and leave loving them even more.

A uniquely traditional townhouse left behind from the Edo period. A historic building restored from the past. Revel in its charm, preserved over four centuries.

Front / Lobby BAR EBISU Hiroshige (Banquet room)
Reception and Lobby
The building has a traditional Japanese  atmosphere and inside is very elegant and
We serve cocktails and whiskey and also wine made from grape grown in Okayama
Prefecture. And You can also taste traditional Japanese sake made in Okayama
A small private room for meals (capacity 10 people). You can enjoy meals

with your family or business partner.

Daimyo avenue THE KURA
This area has many small shops. They sell local products from district Yakage-cho and other neighboring areas. Also, you can purchase handmade
This room is a renavated storehouse.
(Kura means storehouse.)
You can hire the whole room.

Warm bath an annex

Yu no Hana Spa Italian Restaurant, Taverna 44
Calcium carbonate spa includes an open-air bath.
Also, we have bedrock bath made of Yakage-Ishi (stones mined in local
They serve typical Italian food.
A rare western food restaurant in Yakage area.

A renewed banquet place from historical home located eastwards from main

Access MAP

3050-1,yakage,Yakage-cho Oda-gun, Okayama TEL:0866-82-0111