KA CHO FU GETU -restaurant-

At the YAKAGEYA main building, you can enjoy Japanesedishes using local vegetables and seafood from the SetoInland Sea at one of its private banquet halls (3 halls •10~40 guests each). Enjoy professionally cooked meals, fromlunch to full courses.





【Lunch menu】 11:00~14:00(LO13:30)

Shukuba no lunch ¥1700

DAIMYO Sushi GOZEN ¥1950

Dinner menu】 17:30~21:00(LO 20:30)

TAKE kaiseki ¥5400

UME kaiseki ¥3780

【Breakfast】 7:00~10:00(LO 9:30)

Japanese Western Food Viking (1,200 yen) is available.